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    Quality magnesium anodes in Australia

    Our Sacrificial Anodes

    Trade prices and discounts available on request. Minimum orders of 10 anodes. Please call us on 0407 605 070 or see trade enquiries page to obtain a quote.
    anode suppliers anode rod

    Anode Suppliers offers a comprehensive range of high-quality aluminium and magnesium anodes, tested to comply with Australian Standards AS2239-2003. They’re randomly tested by Bureau Veritas and will help prolong the life of your heater.

    We deliver to all areas of Australia and can provide special anodes for appliances such as solar roof systems, caravans and RVs and dairy tanks.

    Please check our compatibility chart to ensure you’re ordering the correct sizes.

    Below is a list of the product types we provide:

    anode suppliers magnesium anode


    Magnesium anodes are the most common anodes, found in manufacturing tanks the majority of tanks across Australia.

    anode suppliers flexible anode


    Flexible anodes are ideal for installation in hard-to-reach places such as a water tank close to an eave. These anodes are available in magnesium and aluminium.

    anode suppliers aluminium anode


    Aluminium anodes are the most resistant to hard water and are perfect for hard water areas and old tanks.

    anode suppliers carvana anode


    These are magnesium anodes that have an NPT thread suitable for caravans and RVs. They can be found in many suburban hot water tanks.

    anode suppliers solar anode


    Used for roof-mounted and floor tanks, these anodes are available in magnesium and aluminium, and come with installation rings featuring a specially designed nut for easy replacement in roof tanks.

    anode suppliers dairy anode


    These larger anodes fit the bigger tanks used in dairy facilities. They are available in magnesium and aluminium, with sizes up to 2350mm. Larger sizes can be requested for order.

    Need more information about the anodes we stock? Call us today on
    0407 605 070 to discuss your anode requirements.

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